Getting Healthy Update

So it's been about a month since I first posted about this. Good progress was made. While that first week was brutal, I felt much better the second week and the weight continued to fall off. I was at 211 going into the wedding, and my tux and vest fit. The pants were a little snug, but nothing uncomfortable. 

I decided the wedding weekend and the week after would be a cheat week to give myself a mental break and try to squash some of the cravings. Though, to be honest, I was ready to get back to meat and veggies by the end of it. We have been eating so many vegetables that I quickly started craving vegetables during the cheat week. 

I've gained a few lbs over that week, but that's probably just water weight from the starches. It's already started to shed off. My goal is to get back in my green pants for Christmas, so we'll see how that goes.

I'm also seriously considering doing the Spartan race again in the Spring. The thought of doing that race at a much lower weight is kind of exciting. 

The current plan is to stay very much on plan until the weekend before Thanksgiving when we have a wedding to travel to, and then try to stay on as much as possible in December leading up until our trip home for Christmas. The one thing I am going to try to bring in leading up to Thanksgiving is more exercise. I've been very excited about sticking to the food plan, but I just have not gotten enough exercise. I think the combination will really start to make things happen.

But I will say, all that cake during the wedding was delicious.